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What’s new about Outback Coupons? Steve outlines some details

When most people visit a steakhouse, they would probably desire a number of flavorful combinations. Not just steak, not just chicken, not just seafood but a combination of the best. At outback Steakhouse you’ll find countless combinations and what’s better, you get free Outback Steakhouse coupons.

Outback Steakhouse has many different locations in each state in the US. This Australian themed restaurant offers so much on their menu. These delicious foods include chicken, steak, ribs, seafood and all types of pasta dishes. The portion sizes are very large and you can chose from an assorted amount of sides. The steaks are made with the highest quality USDA Choice and grilled to perfection.

Outback has a select amount of appetizers that you can chose while you enjoy your time alone or with friends. Some of the great tasting appetizers include Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie, Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp and the famous Bloomin’ Onion. The Bloomin’ Onion comes crispy and flavorful and a homemade dipping sauce to add to the taste. Their Kookaburra Wings are seared to perfection and come with creamy blue cheese dressing. The Aussie Cheese Fries are also a very popular choice and come loaded with Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese along with fresh chopped bacon.

Now what would a fun happy hour be without lots of drinks from which to choose? The Outback has many choices so you will never run out of options. Their large selection of alcoholic drinks will have you exploring things you have never tasted and enjoying every sip. There are many different draft beers to choose from along with some great specials to take advantage of trying.

The Sauza Gold Coast Rita drinks are traditional margaritas with the awesome taste. The Great Barrier Rita is something you should definitely try because you can add your choice of a Malibu, Pineapple or Melon Run shot. The signature cocktails are also great choices and come either on the rocks or frozen. The new Strawberry Peach Sangria is something that you will want to taste. This drink is made with fresh pureed strawberries and peaches and is mixed with Malibu Pineapple Rum, Sutter Home White Zinfandel and pineapple juice. This drink will have you feeling cool and refreshed.

What would a fun happy hour be without ending it with yummy desserts? You have a large selection to choose from and all are homemade. They have the classic cheesecake, carrot cake and the new Sweet Adventure Sampler Trio. The sampler trio comes with the amount Outback Chocolate Thunder from Down Under brownie, carrot cake with coconut and pecans and the classic cheesecake. This is a great choice to share with your friends and that way everybody can get a taste of the goodness.

The Outback Steakhouse happy hour is definitely like no other that you have ever experienced. The quality of food, customer service and value makes this restaurant stand out from the others. This place will become your new happy hour hangout to enjoy and unwind.